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[nickering seductively]

you eat a weird bug and don't even care.
Oct 6 '11

snippet one: fluorine

fluorine explodes into the room, yelling about some nonsense or another. i make a spirited attempt to ignore her. she is too damn perky and it is too damn early. i turn another page of my book, hoping she would see reason and leave me the hell alone. no such luck.

'did you even listen to anything i just said?! stop reading that dumb book, you can read that dumb book any time, but what you can’t do is listen to me any time, because i’m only going to say this once more and then i’ll never say it again. never ever ever again.’

i thumb another page and scan the words with passionate and focused intent. she flicks her short blonde hair and fixes her piercing, searching eyes on me.

'astatine, you cold and heartless cow, can you not just humour me for a mere six seconds? if it weren't for all our other sisters, i'd be your only sister and if i died, you'd live on never knowing what i, your only sister, would have said…' she lets out an almost-convincing sigh. i admit defeat.

'… you have six seconds'

she takes a deep breath and i brace for impact.

'i need money'

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  2. arboresqu-deactivated said: hahaha, i love this! i had no ideas for fluorine but after reading this i wanna draw her next; she is great. your astatine is how i imagined her too! the kind of sharp, anti-social one. i’m looking forward to your next one~
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